2014 FAESS Business Meeting

So you are a soils student and want to come see what FAESS is all about? Excellent. We can't wait to see you. Take the time explore the various pages of our site to get a feel for who we are and what we do. Basically, we are soil scientists who are passionate about soils!

We meet twice a year: fall Business Meeting and spring Hydric Soil Workshop. At the annual business meetings we conduct the requisite boring business of any scientific socitey. We make motions, vote on things, have elections, etc. As a student member, you are a spectator to this in that you cannot vote. If you wish to vote, you have to join FAESS as a full member. Membership requirements are outlined on the membership page.

Please note, this is a business meeting, not a research meeting. The bulk of our time spent is business meeting stuff. We occasionally have a guest speaker and have, in years past, expanded to co-host scientific meeting with others. But the business meeting is just that, it's the FAESS business. The fun is the pre or post networking, the meals, and the field trips.

As a student member, what you get out of attending is some experience in business meetings (all societies follow similar procedures) and you get to meet FAESS members. If you plan to work in Florida, these are your colleagues, competitors, and supervisors. It helps to network with them if you'll be around Florida for any length of time.

Attending the annual business meeting or hydric soil worksho is free. You just need to register as a student member and then show up. Our membership page has all the info on how to join.

At the meetings, members usually all stay in the same hotel and will congregate the evening before or after the meeting (depending on if it's a Friday or Saturday meeting). This is a great opportinity to network with a few of the professionals from various state governemtn agencies and consulting firms. You get to know them, benefit from their advice, and all the other usual networking stuff.

We meet again in the spring for the workshop and the networking is repeated. Several of our young, active members are former UF students that I badgered into regular attendance and it greatly benefited the launch of their careers.

This year we're trying a pre-meeting field trip (trip on Friday, meeting on Saturday) so I'm not sure how that coordination is going to happen. Usually the only trip is post-meeting so we cover the details at the meeting. Stay tuned to the website and we'll have some final logistics available soon. You can always email me and/or call when it gets closer if you are unclear when/where we are meeting.

Take care and hope to see you soon.

- Rex Ellis

PS, my contact info is on our contact us page.

Business Meetings

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