Our Mission is To operate as a charitable and educational association, to foster the wise use of soils and the understanding of the importance of soils to the environment and humankind.


The 2015 Annual Business Meeting will be held near Monticello, FL. Attendees are required to register this year. Early registration is a reduced rate.

The 2015 Hydric Soil Workshop will be held near Jacksonville, FL. We are also working on an upland soils workshop targeted at OSTDS. Stay tuned for that announcement at the end of February.

The 2014 Annual Business Meeting was held in Ocala, FL. We are excited to have our new President Chad Rischar and we welcome our President-Elect, Tom Weber.

John Galbraith took two USA Soil Judging teams to the international soil judging contest at the IUSS meeting in South Korea. The teams took first and second place! Congrats to them and thanks for representing the US in such an honorable way. John posted lots of pics on his twitter account.