About the Workshops

These workshops are an unparalleled opportunity to gain first-hand experience with soil-based indicators of wetness. You will be guided by expert soil scientists, researchers, and professors as they provide lecture material and field experiences you simply can’t get elsewhere. The workshop is held each spring in a different location around the state, giving you the opportunity to observe soils in their various forms, each responding slightly differently to saturation.

Who Should Attend

Environmental consultants, engineers, university students, and anyone else seeking to better understand the subtle, yet important soil-based indicators of wetness. Traditionally we’ve had a strong DOH showing and we will still offer that focus in the next workshop.

2023 FAESS Hydric Soils Workshop

Friday April 14, 2023
University of Central Florida
College of Health Professions and Sciences
12805 Pegasus Dr. Orlando, FL 32816

John Katsantonis


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