Hydric Soils of Florida Handbook

4th edition, 241 pages, published March 2007

This is the fourth edition of Florida Hydric Soils Handbook; the first was published in 1990 by Florida Association of Environmental Soil Scientists (FAESS) which was founded in 1975. The members of FAESS began, in 1984, working on the concepts of hydric soils and the procedures to identify them. This fourth edition only remotely resembles the first edition and presents the current hydric soil knowledge which is to a large degree the results of the more than two decades of effort in the hydric soil arena by FAESS members. This book is dedicated to the unnamed members of FAESS, the true trailblazers, and users of this book owe them a large debt of gratitude.

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Soil Orders of Florida

A wall-type poster (11″ x 17″) with color photograph examples of the seven soil orders in Florida along with a color map showing the distribution of the soil orders within Florida.

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Florida Hydric Soil Indicators Card

Field Indicators of Hydric Soils in the United States condensed into indicators that occur in Florida. This is the “yellow card” that is distributed at the FAESS Hydric Soil Workshops. The card is also included with FAESS membership.

Yellow Card_April2021 (WH)

The Travels of Myakka Fine Sand – video

Learn about how much effort went into promoting and eventually establishing Myakka Fine Sand as the Florida’s State Soil. The Earthday Presentation by the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History has an exhibit of a state soil monolith which includes Myakka Fine Sand.  On May 22, 1989, Senate Bill 524 was signed into law, making Myakka Florida’s Official State Soil. Enjoy this video showing Mr. Allen Moore, District Conservationist, interviewing Mr. Frank Watts, President of the Florida Association of Professional Soil Classifiers (later became FAESS), and Dr. Randy Brown, President of Soil and Water Conservation Society.