Each fall, FAESS holds its annual business meeting at a different location in Florida. Typically these meetings are held on a Friday afternoon and followed by a Saturday field trip to observe nearby soils and landscapes.

Topics discussed generally include planning for the upcoming Hydric Soils Workshop, developments in legislation that may affect members, annual budgets and finances, committee reports, and in-general anything that affects FAESS or its members.

On even years we hold officer elections. These individuals serve as the FAESS Executive Council and steer most FAESS activities throughout the year. For more information about FAESS offices or related matters, consult the Constitution and Bylaws

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2017 – Panama City Beach

2016 – Titusville

2015 – Monticello

2014 – Ocala

2013 – Tampa

2012 – St. Augustine

2011 – Tampa

2010 – Islamorada

2009 – Gainesville

2008 – Ft. Pierce

2007 – Panama City Beach